EEC’s Transportation Group provides full-range planning and design services for roadway and air traffic needs. We specialize in the preparation of documents supporting the construction process, from scoping meetings to construction staking and administration.

Our Transportation Group is capable of preparing documents under federal as well as state and local design regulations. In-house disciplines include land surveying and right-of-way; hydrology; utilities; environmental planning; and roadway engineering design. While each discipline provides support on multi-disciplined project assignments, each is capable of providing individual task deliverables when necessary.

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  • Rural Highway Planning and Design

    EEC provides full-service civil engineering, drainage, surveying, and environmental planning services statewide; and we are recognized for our excellent working relationship and quality workmanship on numerous highway projects. We offer a design team that has consistently provided our clients with quality concept studies, environmental documents, construction plans, cost estimates and specifications.

    Service Areas Include:

    • Safety Improvements
    • Roadway Reconstruction
    • Pavement Rehabilitation
    • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis
    • Utility Modifications
    • Right of Way Clearance
    • Environmental Studies
    • Public Involvement

  • Urban Arterial Planning and Design

    EEC's engineers, surveyors, hydrologists, and environmental planners are qualified to provide any service related to the preparation of preliminary or final construction documents for transportation projects. We have completed concept studies, design plans, construction specifications, and cost estimates for a wide range of urban transportation projects.

    Service Areas Include:

    • Roadway Geometric Improvements
    • Streetscape Design
    • Transit Stop Reconstruction
    • Public Involvement
    • Right-of-Way Documents
    • Environmental Mitigation
    • Drainage Analysis
    • Utility Coordination and Modification Design

  • Local/Collector Street Improvements

    EEC recognizes that responsiveness is a key element with local street projects when dealing with public inquiries and political requests, and they require the same level of technical competence and diverse disciplinary services as larger projects entail. We at EEC can provide individuals with complete technical competence for any size project. We have been successfully providing engineering services on several local and collector street improvements, and can bring that familiarity and experience to other projects of this type.

    Service Areas Include:

    • Roadway Improvements
    • Streetscape Design
    • Public Involvement
    • Right-of-Way
    • Environmental Mitigation

  • Multi-Modal Transportation Improvements

    EEC understands the elements involved in multi-modal transportation projects, and can lend its staff members' extensive experience to projects of any size and scale. We understand the sensitivity that can be involved in corridors due to critical local access, utility conflict potential, right-of-way and existing vegetation issues. We use our experience in order to improve safety and operation overall of roadway, air, rail, transit, bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

    Service Areas Include:

    • Railroad Spur and Crossing Improvements
    • Multi-Use Pathway Improvements
    • Pedestrian Facilities
    • Bike Lanes
    • Bus Bays
    • Air Traffic / Landside / Airside Improvements

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