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EEC has been providing development consulting for over two decades. We have assisted clients with entitlements, planning, engineering and surveying on projects from Kingman to Douglas. Projects have included commercial, industrial, medical, education, and institutional uses, as well as both multi-family and single-family residential and master planned communities. We have provided these services to both public and private clients. We have been successful in this market due to having senior project management and design professionals that work well with both clients and reviewing agencies to develop a project that meets our clients’ needs.

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  • Project Feasibility Analysis

    EEC prepares Feasibility Studies for all types of projects and at various stages of projects to assist clients in strategic decision making. These studies may be part of a due diligence analysis to look for fatal flaws prior to purchase or to ferret out issues to determine political feasibility or maintain critical schedules. Our Feasibility Studies are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client and the specific needs of the project.

    Typical areas of analysis may include:

    • Potential Entitlements
    • Political Site Constraints
    • Utility Proximity or Capacity Limitations
    • Site Concepts/Lot Yield
    • Conceptual Development Costs
    • Detailed Floodplain Analyses
    • Infrastructure Costs and Phasing
    • Topographic Constraints

  • Site Planning and Urban Design

    EEC performs site planning on projects ranging from simple site plans to large master planned communities. EEC incorporates creative site design with quality engineering to optimize a project's potential. Our years of experience and combination of disciplines allow us to create a design that is as appealing as it is viable. EEC provides the leadership required to guide the client and the project through the process by facilitating the communication and collaboration between the client, the reviewing agencies, and other stakeholders.

    Services include:

    • Zoning and Entitlements
    • Site Layout and Lotting Plans
    • Floodplain Analysis
    • Preliminary Construction Cost Estimates

  • Zoning and Entitlements

    EEC's unique combination of knowledge of planning, engineering, and local zoning codes along with the ability to work with the public agency staff and elected officials allows us to bring a project to successful fruition. This process requires both the ability to listen as well as to be persuasive. We have proven ability to create a development concept that conforms to site constraints, is welcomed by neighbors, and supported by public officials while still meeting the owners' needs.

    Services include:

    • Political Strategizing
    • Neighborhood/Stakeholder Meetings
    • Conceptual Site Planning
    • Master Infrastructure Planning
    • Creation of Development Agreements
    • Conceptual Construction Cost Estimates

  • Surveys

    EEC has been providing survey services since 1996 and is led by a management team that has over 35 years of experience. Our crews have state of the art equipment that allows us to maximize the efficiency of our field crews and minimize field to office transfers. This allows us to move projects from initial survey to design to construction seamlessly.

    Services include:

    • Boundary Surveys
    • ALTA Surveys
    • Aerial Mapping and Photography
    • Legal Descriptions and Right-of-Way Exhibits
    • Construction Staking

  • Water Systems

    EEC's experienced staff and consultants that have worked together as a team on many projects.

    Services include:

    • Water Supply
    • 100-Year Adequacy Determination
    • Site Master Planning
    • Storage and Pumping Facilities
    • Transmission and Delivery Mains
    • Domestic Water Improvement District Establishment
  • Wastewater Systems

    EEC has the experience necessary to design new wastewater treatment facilities and improvements to existing facilities. EEC has worked on many projects to improve site safety, operational efficiency, and to facilitate the operator's needs.

    Services include:

    • Basin Studies and Project Master Planning
    • Interceptor and Collection Systems
    • Treatment Design
    • Permitting

  • Environmental Surveys

    EEC has engineers, scientists, and technicians on staff who can perform all levels of environmental surveys according to project needs.

    Services include:

    • Phase I and Phase II Surveys

  • Floodplain Analysis

    Services include:

    • Floodplain Determination
    • CLOMR & LOMR Processing

  • Residential Communities

    EEC has successfully designed and platted thousands of residential lots throughout its history. Our background in housing includes small lot neighborhoods, attached housing, condominiums, custom lot subdivisions, and master planned community development.

    Services include:

    • Lotting Plans
    • Tentative/Final Block Plats
    • Tentative/Final Residential and Non-Residential Plats
    • Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analysis/Floodplain Determination
    • Improvement Plans - Grading, Roadway, Sewer, Water
    • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

  • Master Planned Communities

    EEC's full complement of services makes us ideal to bring together all the necessary components to make such a development successful. We have experience in all aspects of development of master planned communities, including:

    • Site Planning
    • Entitlements, Zoning and Development Agreements
    • Infrastructure Master Planning
    • Water Supply
    • Lotting Plans
    • Neighborhood Platting
    • Infrastructure Design
    • Construction Cost Estimating

  • Development Plans

    EEC's extensive background and experience allows us to fully understand the site needs and constraints of architectural-driven projects. Because of the generally intense land use on such projects, they require an approach that addresses both the ultimate use as well as construction sequencing. We have a proven record of being a strong asset to multi-discipline design teams.

    Services include:

    • Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analysis, Floodplain Determination
    • Business/Industrial Park Platting
    • Improvement Plans - Grading, Roadway, Sewer, Water
    • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

  • Roadway and Utility Infrastructure

    Services include:

    • Arterial Roadways
    • Rural and Interstate Highways

  • Construction Staking

    EEC provides construction staking and layout for mass grading, rough cut, sewer, water, dry utilities, curb and retaining walls. We also provide bluetopping of both subgrade and AB along with the staking of new survey monuments. After the project is complete, as-builts are prepared to assist in the release of assurances.

    Services include:

    • Construction Layout
    • Bluetopping
    • Monument Staking
    • As-Builts
    • Building Layout

  • On-Site Surveillance During Construction

    EEC can fulfill the certification obligations placed on projects by various municipalities or can serve as the client's representative to oversee construction.

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