Flood Control and Drainage

EEC brings broad experience and knowledge to all phases of flood control and drainage work, comprehensive watershed master planning, drainage studies, and the detailed design of project specific components. EEC’s experienced staff and consultants will work together as a team to find the right solution for your project.

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  • Watershed Master Plans and Drainage Studies

    EEC professionals have spent years evaluating real life hydrologic field conditions, becoming familiar with the "ground truth" and determining what is really important when building a hydrologic model that simulates the natural processes of the watershed. They have built hydrologic models of urban environments, starting in the field with input parameters that result in realistic predictions of runoff on which to base practical cost-effective drainage designs. EEC engineers know how to apply hydraulic principles to drainage and flood control design in order to optimize solutions, save time, and reduce costs.

    Service Areas Include:

    • Hydrology Studies / Analyses
    • Hydraulics Studies / Analyses
    • HEC-1, HEC-2, HEC-RAS
    • Watershed Master Plans
    • Drainage Studies

  • Drainage Infrastructure Design

    EEC specializes in the drainage design of infrastructure improvements, including in-house preparation of drainage reports; review of construction drawings, improvement plans and design documents; flood control feasibility studies for the design of flood control improvements and modifications; project management and other related services.

    Service Areas Include:

    • Drainage Facility Design
    • Culvert Design
    • Storm Drain Design
    • Open Channel Design
    • Detention Basin Design

  • Clean Water Act and 404 Permitting

    EEC assists clients in accomplishing their project goals while meeting regulatory requirements in the most cost effective ways. We help clients obtain Section 404 permits (or determine if they need one), negotiate with government agencies, and develop positive public discussion on controversial issues. EEC staff members have completed nationwide and individual Section 404 permits for both public and private interests.

  • Flood Studies/Floodplain Delineations

    EEC has performed many floodplain studies and delineations, including washes, alluvial fans, and ponding floodplains. Experience includes critical flow, special bridges, and overtopping structures. EEC staff also provides Letters of Map Revision (LOMRs), which evaluate the application of more detailed topography to changes in basin-wide hydrology due to subtleties in local conditions.

    Service Areas Include:

    • Flood Insurance Studies
    • Floodplain Delineation
    • Sedimentation
    • Erosion

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