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Environmental Engineering Consultants (EEC) was founded on March 17th, 1987 by John J. “Chuck” Hollingsworth. Mr. Hollingsworth’s vision was to provide quality environmental engineering services to the region. Hazardous Waste Consulting and Wastewater Engineering were the main focus of the company at start-up.

In August 1989, EEC added staff to oversee the burgeoning Underground Storage Tank problem. EEC has managed UST projects for large corporations and for many Military Installations and the Environmental Services Department also does Environmental Assessments of Real Property, Risk Assessment Modeling, and design and operation of Landfill Gas Mitigation Systems.


In November 1995, a Land Development and Site Engineering Department was added in Tucson, providing engineering services to many of the country’s largest homebuilders. In September 1996, the company added a Land Surveying Group.

In February 1997, EEC started the Public Works and Transportation Department, and since that time, has provided design for Cities, Counties, and the Department of Transportation.

Also in 1997, EEC purchased the assets of McLaughlin Kmetty Engineers in Phoenix, Arizona. This acquisition provided for a change in direction for the Phoenix office. The Phoenix office now provides a full range of civil engineering and environmental services.

EEC then changed its business name to Engineering and Environmental Consultants, Inc. as the civil engineering side of the company continued to grow. Mr. Bill Carroll, PE, joined the company to provide planning and land development services.

In 2016, the Leadership Team of Bill Carroll, PE (President/CEO), Craig Allison, PE, RLS (Sr. Vice President), and Carrie Cote, PE (Vice President and Phoenix Branch Manager) was put in place to lead the company successfully into the future.

Each year since its founding, EEC has grown by developing opportunities for its employees through diversification and by growing at a rate that we can successfully staff and manage.

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